Setting the Standard

Setting the Standard (StS) is London’s centralised temporary accommodation inspection service, brought to you by Commissioning Alliance and the London Housing Directors.

First implemented in September 2020, StS was designed for London with the unprecedented engagement of 31 out of 33 London boroughs.

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What is StS?

StS inspects and grades all bed and breakfast and studio properties used by local authorities for temporary accommodation (TA). StS offers a directory of services, enabling direct access to:

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Inspections data, reports, and property grading.
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A database of TA providers that are registered and accredited to our service.
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STS/IBAA reports to help you assess temporary accommodation housing standards.
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Signposting to appropriate services and information wherever possible by our StS Coordinators and Inspections team.

StS links together a dedicated central inspections team with a new, purpose-built IT system to share inspections data across participating local authorities.

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For TA service

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Free registration with StS offers you:

• Official accreditation as an approved StS Provider.
• The ability to upload your properties onto the StS system, visible to local authorities.
• Annual property inspections, to ensure properties meet the StS property and management standards.
• Login access to track and fix any property related issues or hazards.
• Further booking opportunities with your provider profile visible to all local authorities.
• Ongoing 1:1 support and training from the StS Central team.

There is no additional cost to TA service providers to register. The cost of operating StS is met by the participating Local Authorities.

For local

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Joining the StS accreditation scheme offers you:

• Access to registered and StS accredited providers.
• Inspections and resource tool for TA housing data, including inspection reports, property gradings, and the ability to monitor hazards and risks associated with a property.
• Ongoing support and training from the StS Central team, acting as an advice and information service to meet the requirements of the Housing Act 2004 and Housing and Planning Act 2016.
• Invitations to StS meetings, events and forums
• Collaboration with design and development of the StS Service and IT Software.


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Setting the Standard are proud to employ the most enthusiastic and dedicated team.

Every one of us is responsible for the continued success of inspecting, and the continuing drive for improved standards in temporary accommodation.

Our inspections team are:

• Qualified Environmental Health and Licensing practitioners from Housing services.
• Regionally based across London.

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